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The Tales Web Framework for Fantom

Easy web applications. Written in Fantom

fanr install -r http://repo.talesframework.org:9000 tales
Make your first app

Code on the most readable Jvm language

//Hello world written in tales
using tales

class HelloWorld : Page{
  Void main(){
    response.writeStr("Hello World")

Auto reload

Never Restart your server. Just edit your file, Save and hit refresh. Compiler errors are shown directly in browser.

Full Stack

Tales provides everything you need to build a cool web application for your next big idea.

IDE support

Run and Debug tales projects in any one of two awesome IDEs.

Write client code in Fantom, use Jquery

   Win.cur.alert("Hello world")

Html Stays Html templating

<div talesId="name"></div>
html.tag("name").text("Iam Fantom")
<div>Iam Fantom</div>

A Little ORM, A little Data Mapping

//Simple shortcuts for common use cases
User user := Db.one(User{id = 1})
User[] users := Db.list(User{dept = 1})

//For complex requirements just
//wrap the query in a method

User getUser(Int id){S<| 
    select u.userid, u.name 
    from User u,Company c 
    where u.id = #{id} and 
          u.companid  = c.id and
          c.isdeleted = 0

Source. License: Apache version 2.0